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EndpointProperties Properties

version: 10.21.0

The EndpointProperties type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAccessType
The access type determines the message delivery policies when more than one Flow is bound to the Endpoint. See EndpointPropertiesEndpointAccessType for the meaning of each access type. Applies only to durable endpoints of type IQueue. When null, the default value on the appliance is used (default: Exclusive).
Public propertyCount
Returns the count of properties.
(Inherited from BaseProperties.)
Public propertyDiscardBehavior
Specifies the behavior of the appliance when a message cannot be added to an endpoint (for example, maximum quota exceeded). This property controls the action the appliance will perform towards the publisher.

When null, the default value of the appliance is used.

Public propertyMaxMsgRedelivery
Number of redelivery attempts before the endpoint move a message to the DMQ.
Public propertyMaxMsgSize
The maximum message size in bytes that can be spooled on this Endpoint. The default value is 10000000 bytes.
Public propertyPermission
Permissions that can be granted to users other than the owner of the Endpoint (all others). When null, the default value on the appliance is used (default: None).
Public propertyQuota
Sets the maximum spool quota in MB (1 MB = 1000000 bytes) for the Endpoint. When null, the default value on the appliance is used (4000 MB). The valid range is within [0 ...60000] MB.
Public propertyRespectsMsgTTL
The endpoint recognizes message Time-to-Live and removes messages that expire. - Default: false.
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