FlowPropertiesReplayStartLocation Property

Note: This API is now obsolete.
Deprecated: use ReplayStartLocationEx instead. When a Flow is created, the application may request replay of messages from the replay log, even messages that have been previously delivered and removed the from topic endpoint or queue. The replay start location may be one of the following:
  • Beginning to indicate that all messages available should be replayed.
  • A start location created from Date(DateTime). All messages after the specificed date will be replayed.


Namespace: SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging
Assembly: SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging (in SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging.dll) Version: 10.24.0
[ObsoleteAttribute("Use ReplayStartLocationEx instead", false)]
public ReplayStartLocation ReplayStartLocation { get; set; }

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