IFlowGetEndpoint Method

Returns a reference to the Endpoint which this flow is bound to.

Possible endpoints include ITopicEndpoint or IQueue

Endpoints can be durable or non-durable. Durable endpoints must be explicitly created through CreateDurableTopicEndpointEx(String) or CreateQueue(String).

Non-durable endpoints are implicitly created after creating the flow and connecting the parent session, therefore calling this method before the parent ISession is connected will throw an OperationErrorException.

Note that IQueue is both an IEndpoint and IDestination, so it has both the durability ( see Durable ) and temporariness (see Temporary ) properties.


Namespace: SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging
Assembly: SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging (in SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging.dll) Version: 10.24.0
IEndpoint GetEndpoint()

Return Value

An IEndpoint instance.


OperationErrorException Thrown when the operation fails.
ObjectDisposedException Thrown when the flow is already disposed (terminal state).
FatalErrorException Thrown when an unrecoverable error occurs.

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