SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging.SDT Namespace



SDTUtils Used to manipulate SDT components in a message.


IMapContainer Represents a Structured Data Type (SDT) map container.

Very similar to a hash map with one notable exception. IMapContainer does not detect duplicate key names on 'add'. If a field is added to the map with a key name that already exist, both fields will be present in the map. Only one field can be retrieved by that key name and it is not defined which field will be retrieved.

The key name field in Solace maps is case sensitive. For example, adding a field with the name key "field_1" and a field with name key "FIELD_1" will create two distinct fields that can both be retrieved.

ISDTContainer The parent interface of any Structured Data Type (SDT) container. Subinterfaces of ISDTContainer include IMapContainer and IStreamContainer.

Note: Calling Dispose() on a message-dependent container has no effect on it. The lifecycle of the container in this case is tied to that of the containing message.

ISDTField Encapsulates a Structured Data Type (SDT) field of type SDTFieldType.
ISmfMessage A tagging interface of an SMF (Solace Messaging Format) encoded message handle.
IStreamContainer Represents a structured data types (SDT) stream container.
IUnknownSDTField A tagging interface of an unknown SDT field; a field that the current API version does not yet understand


SDTFieldType Data types that can be transmitted and received by the machine-independent get/set operations.