Deploying PubSub+ Cloud with Azure

Support for VM-based deployments is now deprecated and version 10.0.1 was the last event broker release that supported deployments in VM-based regions. For more details, see the Deprecated Features list.

Solace recommends that you choose a Kubernetes deployment for PubSub+ Cloud rather than the other environments discussed on this page. See Other Deployment Environments.

You can deploy PubSub+ Cloud in a dedicated virtual network (VNet) in Azure in your own Azure account. The Mission Control Agent and software event brokers are deployed in a virtual network that has been appropriately provisioned.

If you install PubSub+ Cloud in your own VNet, you have control over the infrastructure and can apply any required security polices to the infrastructure. In this model, you pay the IaaS costs directly, which allows you to take advantage of any corporate discounts you may have with Azure.

The details of this deployment are discussed in the following sections:

Customer-Controlled VNet: Detailed Architecture

When PubSub+ Cloud is installed in your VNet in Azure, the setup is as follows:

  • the virtual network contains a single subnet
  • the subnet contains a virtual machine (VM) for each of the brokers (Primary, Backup, and Monitor) and the Mission Control Agent
  • network security groups (NSGs) are applied as necessary to filter traffic between the VMs within the subnet, and between the subnet and external services
  • a Standard Load Balancer is deployed to route traffic to the primary messaging node and switch to the backup node in case of a failure

This architecture is shown in the diagram below:

Depending on how your client applications need to connect to your event broker services, the actual VNet configuration may be slightly different than what is shown in the diagram above. For details, see Azure Virtual Network Setup and Azure Connectivity Model.