Other Deployment Environments

Support for VM-based deployments is now deprecated and version 10.0.1 was the last event broker release that supported deployments in VM-based regions. For more details, see the Deprecated Features list.

Instead of Kubernetes, Event broker services can be deployed using a VM-based strategy in your account with a third-party cloud provider, for example Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. If you (the customer) must use AWS or Azure, consider deploying Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) instead on a Kubernetes cluster, respectively.

For Customer-Controlled Regions, Solace recommends that you choose a Kubernetes deployment for PubSub+ Cloud rather than the other environments discussed on this page because Kubernetes deployments offer the following advantages:

  • Kubernetes deployments offer more flexibility and support. For example, new broker versions are available earlier and higher release cadences are available for Kubernetes when compared to VM-based releases.
  • Some features and capabilities are only available in Kubernetes deployments, such as the ability to upscale event broker service and a self-upgrading Mission Control Agent.
  • Deployments on Kubernetes are based on a better and more manageable security architecture. Kubernetes is inherently more secure because the customer environments can be more easily scoped to a cluster namespace, prevent cloud access, and present a better security profile for security teams. For more information, see Security Architecture for Customer-Controlled Regions.

If you must use a VM-based deployment, the Mission Control Agent and software event brokers must be deployed within a region (VPC or VNet) that has been appropriately provisioned for PubSub+ Cloud.

Architectire diagram depicting a ustomer-controlled region

Like Kubernetes, the VM-based deployment architecture allows you to apply any required security polices to the infrastructure. In addition, you (the customer) pay the IaaS costs directly, which allows you to take advantage of corporate discounts from the chosen cloud provider.

You must either work with Solace to perform the initial installation, or provide Solace with access to the region to do so.

For details, see: