Configuring DMR on a Message VPN

The Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) configuration tasks that you can perform for an existing Message VPN include:

Enabling or Disabling DMR for a Message VPN

You can enable or disable DMR for a given Message VPN. In other words, each individual Message VPN can opt in or out of participating in DMR.

Enabling DMR on Message VPNs establishes data channels between all nodes connected with internal cluster links. To establish a data channel between nodes connected with external cluster links, in addition to enabling DMR on a Message VPN, you must also create a DMR bridge for each external link (refer to Configuring a DMR Bridge).

Once a data channel has been established, application messages are exchanged across nodes, as dictated by the subscription sets maintained over control channels.

When DMR is disabled for a Message VPN, the following occurs:

  • The Message VPN’s data channels are terminated, whether this node is the initiator of the link or not.
  • Direct and Guaranteed messages are not sent to or received from adjacent nodes.
  • Guaranteed messages are not enqueued to the adjacent nodes.
  • Existing enqueued Guaranteed message are lost.

The set of Message VPNs participating in DMR must be the same for every node in the cluster.

To enable DMR for a Message VPN, enter the following commands:

solace(configure)# message-vpn <message-vpn-name>
solace(configure/message-vpn)# dynamic-message-routing
solace(...e/message-vpn/dynamic-message-routing)# no shutdown

To disable DMR for a Message VPN, enter the following command:

solace(...e/message-vpn/dynamic-message-routing)# shutdown

By default, DMR is enabled for the default Message VPN.

Configuring a DMR Bridge

A DMR bridge is required to establish a data channel over a corresponding external link to the remote node for a given Message VPN. Each DMR bridge identifies which external link the Message VPN should use, and what the name of the equivalent Message VPN at the remote node is.

To create a DMR bridge between Message VPNs enter the following commands:

solace(configure/message-vpn)# dynamic-message-routing
solace(...e/message-vpn/dynamic-message-routing)# create dmr-bridge <node-name>
solace( remote
solace(...mic-message-routing/dmr-bridge/remote)# message-vpn <msg-vpn-name>


<node-name> is the name of the remote node on which the Message VPN you want to connect to resides.

<msg-vpn-name> is name of the Message VPN on the remote node that you want to connect to.