Product Keys

Some features offered on a Solace PubSub+ message broker are locked, and can only be accessed through a product key provided by Solace.

Product Keys on Appliances

In some cases a product key may have already been entered for an appliance before it was shipped to your site, in other cases you can manually enter a product key for an appliance that is already in use. To review the features that require a product key, see Appliance Features that Require Product Keys .

If a product key is added for a feature on an appliance, no existing product keys and unlocked features are affected. For example, if a product key for SolCache service was already entered, and a new, combined product key for SolCache service and High-performance Guaranteed Messaging is subsequently entered, the earlier SolCache product key and the service that it unlocked remain, and no service or configuration changes occur for it.

If a product key is removed, a system restart will be triggered and all configuration related to the features unlocked by that key will be lost if no other product key is currently registered for those features. For example, if you remove a product key for SolCache, the appliance will restart if that was the only product key registered for SolCache. However, if another product key for SolCache service was registered (say the combined SolCache and High-performance Guaranteed Messaging) because the use of SolCache is still supported by a valid license, the appliance will not restart and any existing SolCache configuration parameters will remain.

Appliance Features that Require Product Keys

Features that are locked on appliances include SolCache service and optional higher-performance levels for some ADB models.


With the release of appliance version 8.4.0, product keys are not required on an appliance to use MQTT, OpenMAMA, or Web Transport services. On upgrading from an earlier version of Solace PubSub+, the MQTT, OpenMAMA, and, Web Transport services will be available on the appliance, regardless of whether the corresponding license keys are installed on that appliance or not. For HA and/or DR pair, you must upgrade all appliances to the latest version before enabling one of the newly unlocked protocols. Enabling the unlocked protocols before upgrading all the appliances in an HA and/or DR pair will result in config-sync failure due to missing license keys.


A product key is required to enable SolCache service on any appliance that is acting as a Designated Router. SolCache provides a scalable, in-memory message cache for Direct messages.

Note:  When the SolCache service is locked, no aspect of it is configurable or enabled to be displayed. The CLI commands relating to the features are still visible in the Solace CLI, but the command fails to run when executed and returns an error message indicating the features are locked.

High-performance Guaranteed Messaging

A product key is required to increase the Guaranteed Messaging performance of some ADBs installed in appliances (for example, ADB-000000-02 and ADB-04210M-01). This increase performance provides higher maximum ingress message rates (in msg/sec) and maximum ingress bandwidth (in Gbps).

Product Keys on Software Message Brokers

You can manually enter a product key to enable locked features for a software message broker. You can enter this key during container initialization using a configuration key (refer to Configuration Key Usage), or while the message broker is in use, via the CLI. To review the features that require a product key, see Software Message Broker Features that Require Product Keys.

Software Message Broker Features that Require Product Keys

The only feature that is locked on software message brokers is an optional increase to the Message VPN limit.

Additional Message VPNs

A product key is required to enable additional Message VPNs on Enterprise editions of PubSub+ software message brokers. When the key is entered, the maximum number of Message VPNs available on the message broker is increased to 26 (including the default Message VPN).

Once a product key is added to enable additional Message VPNs it cannot be removed.

Entering Product Keys to Unlock Services

To unlock a feature on a PubSub+ message broker that requires a product key, enter the following commands:

solace> enable
solace# admin
solace(admin)# product-key <key-value>


<key-value> is the Solace-provided product key

Tip:  To determine whether a product key to unlock those optional features was pre-entered by Solace, enter the following command:

solace> show product-key

Any product keys currently in use, and the features that they unlock, are displayed.


Config-Sync will not automatically synchronize this object/property. Therefore, if the Solace PubSub+ message broker is being used in a high-availability (HA) redundant configuration or in a replicated site, you must manually configure this object/property on each mate message broker or replicated Message VPN.

To determine whether an object/property is Config-Syncʼed, look up the command used to configure the object/property in the Command Line Interface Reference, or, in the Solace CLI, end the command with “?”. The Help will list whether the object/property is Config-Syncʼed.

Displaying Product Keys in Use

To display the current product keys in use for a PubSub+ message broker and the services that they provide, enter the following command:

solace> show product-key