Cloudera CDH

This document is an integration guide for using Solace JMS as a JMS Broker to connect Cloudera CDH to the enterprise message bus. Cloudera CDH is a Hadoop solution that offers unified batch processing, interactive SQL, and interactive search. Along with Hadoop's core elements of scalable storage and distributed computing, CDH delivers enterprise capabilities such as security through role-based access controls, and fully integrated solutions under a single user interface.

The Solace PubSub+ event broker supports persistent and non-persistent JMS messaging with high throughput and low, consistent latency. Thanks to very high capacity and built-in virtualization, each Solace PubSub+ event broker can replace dozens of software-based JMS brokers in multi-tenant deployments. Since JMS is a standard API, client applications connect to Solace like any other JMS broker, so companies whose applications are struggling with performance or reliability issues can easily overcome them by upgrading to Solace.

If you have problems getting this integration to work, check the Solace community for answers to common issues.