Receiving Guaranteed Messages

To receive published Guaranteed messages, a client must create a consumer flow to bind to a queue endpoint or a topic endpoint provisioned on the router that the published messages spooled to.

Once the consumer is bound to the endpoint, and it has an active consumer flow (that is, a flow through which messages are being delivered), it can consume Guaranteed messages spooled to that endpoint.

When a consumer binds to a queue, it can be a exclusive or non-exclusive consumer of messages spooled to that endpoint (for information, refer to Queue Access Types). When a client binds to a topic endpoint, it provides the topic subscription that it wants the endpoint to spool messages for (the topic subscription that a topic endpoint will spool messages for is not specified when a topic endpoint is provisioned).

When a consuming client successfully receives a Guaranteed message, a corresponding application acknowledgment is required to indicate to the router that the client application received the message, and then the message can be removed from the endpoint.