Topic Matching and Message Delivery Modes

When the Solace Messaging Platform using Guaranteed Messaging receives messages published to a topic, it can automatically change the delivery mode of the messages to accommodate the persistence requirements of an endpoint or a client subscription when there is a topic match. This changing of messagesʼ delivery modes is also known as message promotion and demotion.

To show how a messageʼs delivery mode might be changed, consider when a client publishes a Direct message to a topic that matches the topic subscription set for an endpoint (either a queue that has a topic subscription added to it or a topic endpoint). Because an endpoint can only accept non‑persistent and persistent messages, the router will change the messageʼs delivery mode to non-persistent so that the endpoint can receive it. Note that when a client publishes a message as Direct, the message is not acknowledged back to the client. However, when the message’s delivery mode is changed to non‑persistent and is spooled to the endpoint, the message then acts as a Guaranteed message, and an acknowledgment from the receiving client is provided to the router.

For an illustration of how the delivery mode of a message published as Direct can be changed if it matches a Topic assigned to an endpoint, refer to Publishing Direct Messages.

Also, if the router receives a persistent message published to a topic, it delivers the message to any endpoints that have matching topic subscriptions. However, because topic subscriptions registered for individual clients are for Direct messages, the router can change the message’s delivery mode to Direct and send it to those clients with matching topic subscriptions. In this scenario, because the client published the message as persistent, the message is acknowledged back to the publishing client.

The only way for a client to receive Persistent messages is to either bind to a durable topic endpoint or queue, or request that a non-durable queue or topic endpoint be created for it.

For an illustration of how the delivery mode of a message published as Non‑Persistent or Persistent can be changed if it matches a client’s Topic subscription, refer to Publishing Guaranteed Messages.

The table below lists how messages’ delivery modes can be changed for endpoints with matching topics.

Possible Message Delivery Mode Changes on Topic Match

Delivery Mode of Published Message

Received by Endpoint as ...

Direct Non-Persistent
Non-Persistent Non-Persistent
Persistent Persistent