HybridEdge is a standalone Java application built around Apache Camel that provides a standards-based way of connecting Solace PubSub+ message brokers running in Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or enterprise data centers with other legacy messaging systems such as ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, IBM MQ and Kafka.



HybridEdge is set up with a configuration file that is read on start-up. Within the file one or more Camel routes are defined between Solace PubSub+ and the Legacy environments. Each Camel route is a unidirectional flow (from either Legacy to Solace PubSub+, or Solace PubSub+ to Legacy), and is comprised of:

  • The input queue / topic.
  • An optional Processor component that you supply (which can implement business logic such as message transformation).
  • The output queue / topic.

HybridEdge has a pluggable architecture based on Spring Boot that contains the dependencies required to connect to Solace PubSub+ where you are able to:

  • Supply JMS APIs for your legacy systems.
  • Use any Camel component to send or receive messages to the Solace JMS Camel Component.
  • Optionally add your own Processor code to perform message transformation or other business functions on messages crossing the bridge.
  • Optionally add additional Camel components to other services (e.g. file readers, database connectors).

HybridEdge Use-Cases

In the next sections we'll introduce three typical use-cases for HybridEdge. The use of HybridEdge isn't limited to these situations, they merely illustrate common applications.

Introductory Video

In the following video, Solace Product Manager Andrew MacKenzie provides an introduction to HybridEdge, talks about some use cases, and gives a short demo at around the 8:45 mark.

Legacy Connectivity to Solace PubSub+ Cloud

You may be in a situation where you have deployed some new, cloud-based services to Solace PubSub+ Cloud, but still require data from a legacy service running on premise - for example, from RabbitMQ.

Solace HybridEdge can be deployed to allow consumption from the legacy system through publication to Solace PubSub+ Cloud. Messages published from the legacy system will be brokered through HybridEdge and published to Solace PubSub+ Cloud.

Connectivity to On-Prem Legacy Services

In this situation you have deployed a cloud-based Solace PubSub+ software message broker to establish operation of new, cloud-based services.

Legacy services - for example, ActiveMQ - running in your on premise data center may require data from Solace PubSub+. Solace HybridEdge can be deployed to consume from the Solace PubSub+ software message broker and publish to the legacy system.

On-Prem Data Exchange with Legacy Systems

In this situation you have deployed a Solace PubSub+ appliance or Solace PubSub+ software message broker in your on premise data center and some data that enters the system via Solace PubSub+ is needed across legacy applications - perhaps the data is stored in a DB2 database.

Solace HybridEdge can be deployed to insert messages published to Solace PubSub+ into DB2 by SQL query.

Getting Started

You can access Solace HybridEdge in GitHub, and instructions on how to get it up-and-running can be found at Running HybridEdge.