HybridEdge is a standalone Java application built around Apache Camel that provides a standards-based way of connecting Solace PubSub+ message brokers running in Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or enterprise data centers with other legacy messaging systems such as ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, IBM MQ and Kafka.



HybridEdge is set up with a configuration file that is read on start-up. Within the file one or more Camel routes are defined between Solace PubSub+ and the Legacy environments. Each Camel route is a unidirectional flow (from either Legacy to Solace PubSub+, or Solace PubSub+ to Legacy), and is comprised of:

  • The input queue / topic.
  • An optional Processor component that you supply (which can implement business logic such as message transformation).
  • The output queue / topic.

HybridEdge has a pluggable architecture based on Spring Boot that contains the dependencies required to connect to Solace PubSub+ where you are able to:

  • Supply JMS APIs for your legacy systems.
  • Use any Camel component to send or receive messages to the Solace JMS Camel Component.
  • Optionally add your own Processor code to perform message transformation or other business functions on messages crossing the bridge.
  • Optionally add additional Camel components to other services (e.g. file readers, database connectors).

HybridEdge Use-Cases

In the next sections we'll introduce three typical use-cases for HybridEdge. The use of HybridEdge isn't limited to these situations, they merely illustrate common applications.

Legacy Connectivity to Solace PubSub+ Cloud

You may be in a situation where you have deployed some new, cloud-based services to Solace PubSub+ Cloud, but still require data from a legacy service running on premise - for example, from RabbitMQ.

Solace HybridEdge can be deployed to allow consumption from the legacy system through publication to Solace PubSub+ Cloud. Messages published from the legacy system will be brokered through HybridEdge and published to Solace PubSub+ Cloud.

Connectivity to On-Prem Legacy Services

In this situation you have deployed a cloud-based Solace PubSub+ software message broker to establish operation of new, cloud-based services.

Legacy services - for example, ActiveMQ - running in your on premise data center may require data from Solace PubSub+. Solace HybridEdge can be deployed to consume from the Solace PubSub+ software message broker and publish to the legacy system.

On-Prem Data Exchange with Legacy Systems

In this situation you have deployed a Solace PubSub+ appliance or Solace PubSub+ software message broker in your on premise data center and some data that enters the system via Solace PubSub+ is needed across legacy applications - perhaps the data is stored in a DB2 database.

Solace HybridEdge can be deployed to insert messages published to Solace PubSub+ into DB2 by SQL query.

Getting Started

You can access Solace HybridEdge here, and instructions on how to get it up-and-running can be found at Running HybridEdge.