Other Products & Tools

This section provides information for the following Solace products and tools:

  • HybridEdge - A standalone Java application built around Apache Camel that provides a straightforward way of connecting Solace PubSub+ message brokers running in Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or enterprise data centers with other legacy messaging systems such as ActiveMQ, Rabbit MQ, IBM MQ and Kafka.
  • SolCache — Solace’s message caching solution, called SolCache, enables the storage of data sent as part of a high-performance messaging stream in memory for low latency retrieval of data. Access to this message caching capability is integrated into the Solace API, enabling sophisticated lookups and operation.
  • Solace Geneos Agent — Solace Geneos Agent is a Solace component which enables Geneos Enterprise Management to access message broker data that might be of interest to network or solution administrators/operators that want to create ITRS data views for the ITRS Geneos Enterprise Management product. This agent represents one component of the Geneos Enterprise Management Solution.
  • SDKPerf — SDKPerf is a tool for validating message broker performance. It's also a very capable tool for checking your Solace PubSub+ message broker's configuration, or exploring Solace PubSub+ features.