Other Learning Resources

There are lots of other great resources to help you learn about Solace PubSub+, from articles and guest posts to training and code samples in GitHub. Here are all the places you can go to deepen your expertise.

Solace E-Learning

Solace E-Learning

Just need to get a grasp on the basics? Check out our free Udemy courses or get trained on our products with our e-learning courses.

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Solace Developer Portal

Solace Developer Portal

An overview of the PubSub+ platform for developers, with examples for how to connect to brokers and get programming with a wide range of APIs and protocols.

Check out Solace.dev
Solace Community

Solace Community

Technical community for Solace PubSub+, the only unified advanced event broker that enables an event mesh and supports pub/sub, queuing, request/reply, replay and streaming using open APIs and protocols.

Contribute to Solace Community
Solace Company Blog

Solace Company Blog

Whether you’re looking for company and product updates, complex system integration solutions, or simply want a glimpse into the event-driven future, you’ll find it here.

Additional reading at Solace.com/blog
Solace on Dev

Solace Developers on DEV

The Solace Developer portal on the DEV forum website. Read blog posts from our own developers about building event-driven microservices, integrating with Boomi, using Spring Initializr, setting up OAth, and so much more.

Learn more at dev.to
Solace YouTube Channel

Solace YouTube Channel

The Solace YouTube channel has a wealth of tutorials, how-to videos, customer use cases, and more. We recommend that you subscribe so you don't miss any updates!

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Solace GitHub


Solace Products

Repositories containing open source Solace Products. Here you'll find quick-start code to help you configure the PubSub+ Event Broker with Kubernetes, Pivotal, OpenShift, Spring Boot, AWS, Azure, and more.

Learn more at github.com/SolaceProduct

Solace Labs

Includes reference demos, examples, integration guides, and more, created by the Solace Community.

Learn more at github.com/SolaceLab

Solace Samples

Solace developer samples that show you how to get started using PubSub+ Event Broker with many of the Solace Messaging APIs and protocols.

Learn more at github.com/SolaceSamples

Solace Training

Solace Training hands-on labs and sample codes.

Learn more at github.com/solacetraining
Solace Resource Hub

Solace Resource Hub

More great resources like analyst reports, white papers, webinars, and videos.

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