To work with the SolGeneos Agent, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • On deployment hosts:
    • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

      • SolOS-TR 7.2 or higher—A JRE is pre-installed on a target host appliance running SolOS-TR 7.2 or higher. However, to start the SolGeneos Agent on Solace Virtual Messaging Routers (VMRs) running SolOS-TR 7.2 or higher, JRE version 1.7 or 1.8 must be installed on the VMR host.

      • SolOS-TR 7.1 or lower—JRE version 1.6 must be installed on a target host appliance.

    • SolGeneos Agent is installed properly on a Solace appliance running SolOS Release 5.2 or later or a Solace VMR running SolOS Release 7.2 or later.

      Note:  Solace 3230 appliances that use CHS-3230AC-01 chassis cannot be used due to limited RAM resources.

    • At least one supported version of a 32-bit or 64-bit NetProbe is installed and started properly on a Solace router or an external server. For a list of the NetProbe versions that are supported, refer to SolGeneos Agent Release Notes.


      • The SolGeneos Agent distribution provides a template service script that allows a NetProbe installed to the /usr/sw/geneos directory of a Solace router to be run as a service. Note that this service script is not supported for NetProbe instances installed on non-Solace servers.
      • To run NetProbes on Solace Virtual Messaging Routers (VMRs), 64-bit version NetProbes must be used.
  • Geneos Gateway must be installed and started properly.
  • The agent logs into the Solace router SEMP service to gather data. It is recommended that a read-only user be provisioned for this purpose. Refer to Administering Management & Shell Users for details on how to provision this user.
  • On development hosts, when you want to run the provided samples or develop new views, Java SE version 1.6 (update 33 or above) and ANT 1.8.1 must be installed.