Overview of Deploying PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud

Solace PubSub+ Cloud is a managed service that gives you access to advanced features like the publish-subscribe messaging pattern, queuing, streaming, replay, and request-reply, while we do all the heavy lifting to dynamically deploy, upgrade, patch, and operate your event broker services. Solace engineers it all to be secure, resilient, and cost-optimized so you can focus on building applications.

All of the these features and capabilities are accessible through a single Cloud Console with one login, making it easy for architects, developers, and other users to work and collaborate to drive the enterprise's EDA mission forward.

You can deploy your event broker services in public clouds in Solace's SaaS or within your virtual private clouds, or in Kubernetes services in the cloud or on premises.

The deployment considerations for PubSub+ Cloud include the following sections:

Certain operations must be performed by Solace, whereas others may be performed by the customer. In addition, different deployment options refer to infrastructure or other resources belonging to Solace and/or the customer. To prevent confusion, we explicitly use the terms "Solace" and "the customer" in these discussions of infrastructure and installation procedures.