Components of PubSub+ Cloud

The components of PubSub+ Cloud are shown in the following diagram. This diagram represents the placement of components in a standard, Solace-controlled deployment.

PubSub+ Cloud Console

The PubSub+ Cloud Console is the single-pane-of-glass UI that allows you to:

The Cloud Console is part of the Solace Home Cloud.

Solace Home Cloud

The Solace Home Cloud is a collection of microservices that provides the control plane for PubSub+ Cloud deployments.

These microservices provide a number of backend functions, including event broker management (Mission Control), event cataloging/design (Event Portal), and monitoring management (Insights).

The Home Cloud fronts the backend services with a single user-interface called the PubSub+ Cloud Console.

PubSub+ Event Broker

The software event brokers provide the data path functionality to allow applications to communicate in real time. An event broker service in PubSub+ Cloud is made up of either a standalone software event broker (Developer service class) or a High-Availability group of three software event brokers (Enterprise service class).

For more information, see Service Class Options for Event Broker Services.

PubSub+ Broker Manager

Not shown in the diagram above, the The PubSub+ Broker Manager is a browser-based administration console packaged with an event broker. It's a user-interface that's used to configure, view, and troubleshoot event brokers. For details, see Solace PubSub+ Broker Manager.

Mission Control Agent

In dedicated deployments, the Mission Control Agent provides connectivity between the Home Cloud (where the console resides) and the region where the event broker services reside. The Mission Control Agent orchestrates event broker services and provides monitoring capabilities. To learn more, see Mission Control Agent.