Creating an Event Mesh

To create an Event Mesh, start by creating multiple enterprise event broker services to bridge together into an Event Mesh using PubSub+ Mission Control (simply referred to as Mission Control). After you have your event broker services, you can begin creating an Event Mesh. Note that on the Event Mesh map you only see datacenters in which you have valid event broker services with DMR enabled.

  1. Log in to the PubSub+ Cloud and from the Cloud Console, in Mission Control, click Mesh Manager.
  2. In Mission Control, click Create New Event Mesh button.

  3. Enter a name for your Event Mesh and optionally, choose a color for your links to be displayed in.

  4. Select your services that you want to partake in the Event Mesh by selecting the datacenter from the map, then selecting the service tile. Repeat as necessary.

  5. Press the green Create Event Mesh button.

    Now you can visualize your Event Mesh on the map as shown here.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first Event Mesh! Next, follow the steps below to turn your Event Mesh visualization into a true Event Mesh.

Configuring DMR for PubSub+ Cloud Services via the PubSub+ Manager

By configuring Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) for event broker services, you can realize your Event Mesh, allowing you to publish messages to one event broker services and receive the messages in another where you have a matching subscription. Follow the steps below to make it happen.

  1. While viewing your Event Mesh, select the datacenter you would like to initiate the connection from and the event broker service within that datacenter.

  2. In the box describing your service, click PubSub+ Manager to launch the PubSub+ Manager for the event broker service.

  3. Navigate to the Clustering view in the main side menu and select the External Links tab.

  4. Click the Click to Connect button.

  5. In the Where to Connect To section, choose the Solace Cloud button, enter your Username and Password for PubSub+ Cloud and press the Configure DMR Bridge button.

  6. From the Local Message VPN section, choose the message VPN from your local event broker service. From the Remote Message Service choose the remote event broker service to connect to. Press the Remote Connection Setup button.

  7. From the Remote Message Service Connection tab, choose the Local button and set the Authentication Scheme to Basic. The other fields will already be filled.

  8. Select the switch to enable TLS. Then, add a Trusted Common Name identical to the hostname of your remote event broker service. You can find the hostname in the Connect tab of your service details.

  9. Finish setting up your link. This will result in a DMR bridge being created between your event broker services. Continue the steps between the other event broker services you want to partake in your Event Mesh.

Congratulations, you have realized your Event Mesh. To see it in action, use the Try Me! tab in PubSub+ Cloud to create a subscription in one event broker service, publish from another event broker service and see your message dynamically forward from one event broker services to the other.