Event Portal REST API

Using the Event Portal's RESTful API, you can integrate other applications, systems, or client applications with Event Portal, and model or retrieve your event-driven architectures from your own client applications.

Getting Started

You can access the REST API by communicating with the host at https://solace.cloud/api/v2/eventPortal. Note that the URL is used to perform REST API calls and cannot be accessed from the browser. To perform REST API calls, you will need an API token. Use your PubSub+ Cloud account to generate an API token.

Create an API Token

To generate anEvent Portal REST API token, do the following:

  1. Log into your PubSub+ Cloud account.
  2. Go to the Token Management view in the console.
  3. Click the Create Token button and create an API token with the Event Portal Read or Event Portal Write permissions enabled. For information about creating an API token, see Creating an API Token.

When performing REST API calls, include your API token as an HTTP header: Authorization: Bearer <API token goes here>.

OpenAPI Specification

The Event Portal REST API has an OpenAPI specification document to help you navigate your way through the REST APIs. Click the button below to access the OpenAPI spec.