Dynamic Message Routing in PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud

All enterprise event broker services are created with the Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) feature enabled. To learn more, see DMR Overview.

The following cloud service types are DMR enabled:

  • Starter (Standard account)
  • Professional (Standard account)
  • Developer (Enterprise account)
  • Enterprise (Enterprise account)

A DMR cluster is automatically configured for the event broker service and enabled within the message VPN. The password for cluster communication is stored in PubSub+ Cloud and available from the Status tab on the service details page, along with all other relevant DMR cluster information.

Note that in PubSub+ Cloud, you should only use external links to create event meshes. Internal links will be managed for you by PubSub+ Cloud. To create DMR cluster links, use Message VPN Bridge Configuration with Click-to-Connect Wizard in the Solace PubSub+ Manager.