Using the Solacectl Utility

The Solace VMR image package includes a command-line utility, solacectl, that automates common tasks in the Linux host environment. The Linux host environment can be accessed remotely by ssh to port 22 (port 2222 for VMR releases prior to 8.5.0), and logging in through the Linux host shell as user sysadmin.

Note:  The command examples in this section use a host name of vmr-132-1 in the Linux host shell.

The solacectl utility enables you to perform the following tasks for VMR machine images and VMR Cloud images:

To run the systemctl utility and view the available options, enter the following command from the Linux Host shell:

solacectl -h

Output similar to the following will display:

[sysadmin@vmr-132-1 ~]$ solacectl -h
Usage: solacectl [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  A non-interpretive Command Line Interface for managing the Solace Corporation
  Virtual Message Router (VMR)

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  cli                 Enter the SolOS Command Line Interface
  gather-diagnostics  Collect logs for debugging and diagnosing...
  hostname            Commands for managing the hostname of the VMR
  images              Commands for managing images in SolOS
  service             Commands for managing SolOS Application
  shell               Login to SolOS Application shell interface
  storage             Commands for managing storage in SolOS...
  upgrade             Upgrade Solace Virtual Message Router by...
  version             Display current release version