Index to Feature-Specific Monitoring Information

This page provides an index to the various sections that discuss monitoring tasks associated with a number of event broker features .



Applicable Section
Access Control Lists (ACL)s View the ACL log for the last 1,000 most recent service denials for client connections, topic publishing topics, or topic subscriptions. Viewing ACL Logs
Config-Sync CLI commands to view the Config-Sync information for event brokers Viewing Config-Sync Info
Guaranteed Messaging You can use several show commands to view Guaranteed Messaging configurations and status on Solace PubSub+ event brokers. Viewing Guaranteed Messaging Information
Message Replay A summary of the CLI commands that allow you to monitor Message Replay.

Monitoring Message Replay

Message VPNs Instructions on how to show the configuration and membership of a Message VPN on the event broker, as well as statistics. Monitoring VPN Configurations and Stats
Physical Interfaces & IP VRFs You can use show commands to monitor and validate physical interface and IP VRF configurations and status on Solace PubSub+ appliances Monitoring Physical Interfaces & IP VRFs


This section discusses the show commands you can use to view the configuration and state of software event brokers used in high-availability (HA) deployments.

Monitoring Redundancy


This section discusses the CLI commands you can use to view replication statistics. It also provides information on some important factors to monitor to ensure that replication is performing well, and providing the expected service

Monitoring Replication

PubSub+ Cache This section describes how you can configure event parameters on a per Cache Cluster basis, and how to monitor events and logs generated by PubSub+ Cache Instances. It also describes the show commands you can use to monitor the PubSub+ Cache configuration and operational status, and provides some guidance for using Solace Element Management Protocol (SEMP) to monitor and manage a PubSub+ Cache implementation.


Monitoring PubSub+ Cache