PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu Overview, Sample, and Tutorial

You can find information and overview of using PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu, samples, tutorials.

Overview of PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu

Solace PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu provides high-performance, robust, enterprise-grade messaging technology over a wide variety of open protocols (including JMS, MQTT, REST, WebSocket), qualities of service (best-effort, guaranteed, transactions), and messaging patterns (publish/subscribe, request/reply, streaming, fan-in/fan-out).

PubSub+ event brokers support MQTT, which enable devices and applications running outside of VMware Tanzu to use the TCP Routes feature to connect with PubSub+ Messaging services running in VMware Tanzu. This feature provides endpoints that allow external connections. For more information, refer to the MQTT Tutorial. The Solace PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu documentation describes the TCP Routes feature.

PubSub+ Messaging supports High Availability (HA) configurations, where each event broker is assigned a backup that takes over in case of failures. The details about how to use this feature are in the Java Application tutorials. Be sure to read the API Best Practices and Configuring Connection Time-Outs and Retries documents.

In deployments where you are upgrading to version 9.8.0 or later, the event broker copies the contents of the existing certificate authority (CA) list to both the domain CA list and the client authentication CA list. The Certificate Authority must be managed from the event broker from versions 9.8.0 and later, and you must perform the following actions:

  • Migrate from the certificate authority list to the new domain domain CA and client authentication CA lists.
  • Delete the existing certificate authority list from your Tanzu Ops Manager.

For information about managing the new domain CA and client authentication lists, see Configuring the Domain Validation Certificate Authorities List.

If you are new to PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu, the following information can help you to get started:


PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu Samples

The following are walk-throughs through sample applications that help you get started withPubSub+ for VMware Tanzu.


The goal of these sample applications is to illustrate various ways of consuming the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable from a PubSub+ for VMware Tanzu service instance.


A Java Application showing how to consume the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

Spring Cloud

A simple application showing how to consume the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable using Spring Cloud Connectors.

Spring Cloud Auto-Config Java

Consume PubSub+ messaging as a Service provided by Solace Spring Java Auto-Configuration.

Spring Cloud Auto-Config JMS

Consume PubSub+ messaging as a Service provided by Solace Spring JMS Auto-Configuration.

Spring Cloud Auto-Config JNDI

Consume PubSub+ messaging as a Service provided by Solace Spring JMS Auto-Configuration using JNDI.

Secure Session

A sample showing how to connect with the PubSub+ messaging service using Transport Level Security.

Configuring LDAP

How to set up an LDAP Server to work with PubSub+ event brokers and some examples on how LDAP authorization works.

TCP Routes for IoT-MQTT Java App

A simple application showing how to consume a SERVICE KEY for Solace PubSub+ messaging when using TCP Routes.