Documentation Set

This document set is applicable to the products listed in the table. Where appropriate, notes are provided in the documentation when a featureʼs behavior in an earlier version differs from that in the current version.

Products covered by documentation set: 2019.10.31.0001

Name Version
Solace PubSub+ appliance 9.3.1
Solace PubSub+ software event broker 9.3.1
Solace C API 7.11.0
Solace Java RTO API 7.11.0
Solace C# API 10.6.0
Solace IPC Messaging for C API 7.11.0
Solace IPC Messaging for Java API 7.11.0
Solace Java API 10.6.1
Solace JMS API 10.6.1
Solace JMS Resource Adapter API 10.6.1
Solace JavaScript API 10.3.0
Solace OpenMAMA 7.5.0
SolAdmin 8.12.0
PubSub+ Cache 1.0
Solace Geneos Agent 8.1.3