Solace OpenMAMA

OpenMAMA (Open Middleware Agnostic Messaging API) is an open source, vendor-neutral API for capital market data systems that is built on top of a variety of messaging environments. OpenMAMA allows developers to code applications to the standard OpenMAMA API rather than to a vendor-specific API. To facilitate message transport between OpenMAMA messaging clients and the message oriented middleware, OpenMAMA provides a lightweight, vendor‑neutral integration layer.

OpenMAMDA (Open Middleware Agnostic Market Data API) is an extension of the core OpenMAMA functionality that is used to abstract and manage market data such as quotes, trades, order books, and option chains.

The Solace OpenMAMA implementation allows customers to use the OpenMAMA and OpenMAMDA APIs with Solace PubSub+ to create an open, enterprise‑wide market data distribution solution that includes a market data‑aware API, cascading caching, sophisticated entitlement controls, highly‑optimized distribution over Wide Area Networks.

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