Customizing PubSub+ Cache Instance Configuration Files

Each installed PubSub+ Cache Instance process receives its configuration parameters through two sources:

  • a configuration file specified at invocation (used to connect to the event broker)
  • the Designated Router—the Solace Cache Instance learns additional configuration information for the PubSub+ Cache Instance from the Designated Router through the event broker message bus

Each PubSub+ Cache Instance requires its own configuration file, and it must be filled out with specifics for your configuration. The sampleConfig.txt file (included with the PubSub+ Cache Instance installation package) is provided as a template.

The parameters that are passed to an installed PubSub+ Cache Instance through the PubSub+ Cache Instance configuration file include the:

  • client username and client password to use when connecting to the router
  • DNS name or IP address of the router to connect to, and optionally, the DNS name or IP address of a backup router to connect to if the preferred router is unreachable
  • Message VPN to join
  • unique name that is used to identify the PubSub+ Cache Instance in CLI, and on the router message bus
  • local priority, and network priority of the PubSub+ Cache Instance (optional parameters).
  • Processor Mask (an optional parameter used to specify which computer processors the PubSub+ Cache Instance can run on)
  • name of the file to use when backing up the PubSub+ Cache Instance’s cached messages (refer to Performing PubSub+ Cache Administrative Tasks)

To customize the PubSub+ Cache Instance configuration file, do the following:

  1. Following the instructions provided within the sampleConfig.txt file, edit a copy of the file with the specifics for your PubSub+ Cache Instance configuration.

    Ensure that the CACHE_INSTANCE_NAME is the same PubSub+ Cache Instance name that was used for the matching PubSub+ Cache Instance object configured through the Solace CLI (refer to Configuring PubSub+ Cache Instances).

  2. Save the modified configuration file with a unique identifying file name to one of the following locations:
  • If the PubSub+ Cache Instance is to run on a Linux computer, save the file on that Linux computer.
  • If the PubSub+ Cache Instance is to run on an event broker, save the file to
    /usr/sw/solcache/config on that router.

Changing PubSub+ Cache Configuration Files That Are In Use

If you modify the configuration parameters for a PubSub+ Cache Instance process, you can do either of the following to apply those changes to the PubSub+ Cache Instance process:

  • Stop and restart the PubSub+ Cache Instance process. When the PubSub+ Cache Instance restarts, it will use the updated configuration parameters provided in the file.
  • Use the PubSub+ Cache service script's “service solcache reload” command to reload the PubSub+ Cache Instance configuration parameters without having to stop the PubSub+ Cache Instance process. When this command is run, the script sends a SIGUSR1 signal to the PubSub+ Cache Instance. Upon receiving the signal, the PubSub+ Cache Instance will re‑read its configuration file and change any properties that may be reloaded. Refer to the sampleConfig.txt configuration file (included with the PubSub+ Cache Instance installation package) for information on which parameters are reloadable.