Configuring PTP for an Appliance

PTP and NTP time synchronization are mutually exclusive settings on an appliance; it's either one or the other.

If you've already got NTP enabled, you'll first need to disable it by shutting down clock synchronization before you can enable PTP.

Also, you'll need to set the clock to local time prior to enabling PTP.

Here are the steps to follow.

First, shutdown clock synchronization:

solace(configure/clock/synchronization)# shutdown

Now set the clock:

solace(configure/clock)# set <time> <day> <month> <year>

Then select the PTP protocol:

solace(configure/clock/synchronization)# protocol ptp

Finish by enabling:

solace(configure/clock/synchronization)# no shutdown

In the situation where there are multiple IP routes configured for management interfaces, the last one configured will be used for PTP.