Connecting a Management Console

To configure an appliance, you must set up a management console—a standard computer running any third-party terminal emulation software—to allow you to configure the event broker without an IP address using the Solace CLI.

Faulty or noisy serial connections can result in the appliance not booting correctly following an upgrade or restart. Ensure either serial connections are fully functional or disconnect all serial cables from the appliance.

To connect a management console, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect the provided straight-through RS-232 cable (with DB-9/RJ-45 connectors) to the RS-232 serial console port located on the rear panel of the event broker.

    The default baud rate setting for the RS-232 serial console port is:

    • 115,200 bps for Solace PubSub+ 3260, 3530, and 3560 appliances
    • 9,600 bps for Solace PubSub+ 3230 appliances
    • data bits set to 8
    • parity set to none
    • stop bits set to 1
    • flow control set to none

    If required, you can change the default baud rate setting for the RS-232 serial console port through the Solace CLI after the router is powered up (refer to Configuring the Baud Rate of the Serial Console Port).

  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the DB-9 serial port on the management console.