PubSub+ Broker Manager

The Broker Manager is a browser-based administration console packaged with an event broker. It's a user-interface that's used to configure, view, and troubleshoot event brokers.

In the following diagram, the red box highlights where the Broker Manager fits into the architecture with the event broker services:

Diagram of the Cloud architecture that highlights the Broker Manager.

The Broker Manager permits access to the Message VPN for the event broker service and the ability to view and manage the event broker service. Event broker service access uses separate credentials from Cloud Console access. For more information, see Accessing Broker Manager.

Because the Broker Manager runs on theevent broker service, in configurations where the event broker services are deployed to a Virtual Private Cloud or Virtual Network (VPC/VNet), either the VPC/VNet must be configured to allow for external connections (via an external loadbalancer or gateway) or the user must be permitted access to the VPC/VNet (e.g., via VPN connection or VPC/VNet peering) to connect to Broker Manager. Secure connections to Broker Manager are made through SEMP (Solace Element Management Protocol) over TLS (port 943). SEMP is an API used to manage event brokers via a REST API. For information about it, see SEMP.