PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud

PubSub+ Cloud makes software event brokers available as a service, so you can spin up event broker services that meet your exact needs in mere minutes, and scale on demand to any level.

With an easy-to-use web console and a REST API for CI/CD integration, event broker services remove all the roadblocks that can slow you down. Since event broker services support open APIs and protocols, developers can work with whatever language and API stack they want without worrying about lock-in. Operations are fully managed by PubSub+ Cloud so developers can leave setup, hosting, security, maintenance and scaling to Solace.

The easiest way to learn about event broker services is to build one yourself. For information about how to build your own event broker service, see Getting Started with PubSub+ Cloud.

To learn more about the platform, see What is PubSub+ Cloud?