System Notifications

You can choose how you will receive news about PubSub+ Cloud — by email or with a notification. When you log in to the PubSub+ Cloud Console, you’ll see a notification bell in the left-hand menu.

In the image below, you can see that new notifications are waiting.

Click the bell icon to preview the unread notifications.

Click on a notification to see its details, or click See All to go to the Notifications page.

System notifications are retained within the Cloud Console for a year from the time they are published. They are removed from the preview area by selecting them. They can be deleted entirely from the Notifications page. To do so, click Manage () for the notification and then select Delete this notification.

Notification Settings

To see your notification preferences:

  • click Settings from the notification preview pane, or
  • click your user avatar in the menu, then click Notification Settings

The Notifications page is displayed. On this page, you can choose how to be alerted for various types of system events.