Multi-Site Connectivity

Consider the fairly common situation where you have a number of on-premises applications all connected to a Solace PubSub+ backbone. In the above example, there are three such applications, red, blue and green, each within their own Message VPN. For reasons of cost, flexibility, security, robustness, or some other business driver, you may find that you need to migrate a number of clients of those applications to cloud providers. PubSub+ software event brokers can also be deployed in those clouds to provide messaging services to both the migrated clients, and, through the use of DMR, to clients migrated to other clouds as well as those still residing on premises.

In the example, the red and green applications have had some of their clients moved to cloud providers, but some clients have been left on premises. The blue application has been completely migrated to the cloud. To get messages flowing among an application's clients as if they were all still residing on premises, simply ensure DMR is enabled on each Message VPN and configure a DMR control link between the neighboring event brokers. DMR automatically discovers the event brokers and advertises the subscriptions their clients need. Also, both Direct and Guaranteed messaging are supported so that the same messaging modes that were used on premises can still be used now that the applications are running across multiple sites.

Other sites can be added to your multi-site network as your enterprise continues to grow. For example, other public and private clouds can be added, and subscription distribution and data flow will continue to happen automatically.

You'll find instructions on how to set up and configure a Hybrid-Cloud / Multi-Site example at Multi-Site Connectivity Configuration.