IPC Guide

This section provides an introduction to the Inter-Process Communications (IPC) capabilities of the Solace messaging APIs for C (SolClient) and Java RTO (solclientj). IPC allows applications to communicate directly with each other and to communicate with the Solace Messaging Platform.

IPC functionality is available as part of the IPC add-on to the C messaging API. It is distributed separately from the standard package for the C API and is dependent on the standard package. For more information, refer to README‑IPC.txt included with the distributed C API package.

For Java RTO, IPC functionality is distributed in a separate Java RTO API package which includes both the Java RTO API and the IPC feature.

The primary use-case for the IPC capability is to facilitate communications between applications co-residing on a host. Instead of communicating through connections to a Solace router, the applications can establish direct communication channels to each other. Typically, this is done to achieve ultra-low latency communications among the applications, or to reduce the bandwidth used by the applications on both the host and the router.