Management Tools

You can use the following tools to manage and monitor Solace routers:

  • Solace CLI—The Solace Command Line Interface (CLI) is a text-based interface for configuring, maintaining, and monitoring Solace routers. This interface allows administrators with valid CLI user accounts to directly and simply execute SolOS commands.

    You can access the CLI through either a console connection to the router or through a Secure Shell (SSH) connection.

  • SEMP—The Solace Element Management Protocol (SEMP) is an API that you can use to manage Solace message routers. The current version of SEMP (v2) uses modern RESTful paradigms, which allows you to integrate Solace messaging as a service into your configuration management portals and automation tools.
  • SolAdmin—SolAdmin is a GUI-based management application for Solace message routers that can be used with a CLI user account. SolAdmin provides the same configuration and management capabilities as the Solace CLI but through a simplified graphical interface.