Customizing Event Generation

You can make the following customizations to the generation of Solace PubSub+ event broker events:

Customizing Severity Levels & Publication Message VPN

You may configure the severity level for system events and each Message VPN‑scoped events (that is, Message VPN, client, and subscription events). For Message VPN‑scoped events, it is also possible to configure which Message VPN the events will be published to.

To customize the event generation, you must edit the eventConfiguration.initrc file found in the /configs subdirectory on the event broker (/usr/sw/jail/configs/eventConfiguration.initrc). The instructions for customizing the event settings are included in this file.

To apply your changes immediately, run the following script after modifying the eventConfiguration.initrc file:


Your changes will be maintained after any future software upgrades.

You should note that apply-event-configuration only makes changes based on entries in eventConfiguration.initrc. If you want to reset the severity of log entries back to the default, you must either:

  • Insert the default severity into eventConfiguration.initrc and execute apply-event-configuration.
  • or

  • Remove the custom severity from eventConfiguration.initrc and then reboot your event broker.

Configuring a Log Tag for Message VPN Events

To configure a custom log identification tag as a prefix for events generated against a particular Message VPN, enter the following CONFIG command:

solace(configure/message-vpn/event)# log-tag <tag-string>


<tag-string> is the custom log identification tag with no spaces, question marks (?), or single (‘’) or double (“”) quotes. It can contain up to 32 alphanumeric characters and must be unique among all created Message VPNs. The default is empty, that is, there is no custom log identification tag.

The no version of the command (no log-tag) deletes a custom log identification tag from the Message VPN and sets the tag string back to the default.

Modifying the Syslog Timestamp Format

By default, software syslog events are recorded with the following ISO 8601 timestamp format:

+/-HHMM is the format of the time zone offset.

However, you can change the timestamp format to include milliseconds. The millisecond timestamp format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.MilliSec+/-HH:MM


To enable millisecond timestamps for logging records, use the following CONFIG command:

solace(configure)# logging
solace(configure/logging)# millisecond-timestamp

The no version of this command (no millisecond-timestamp) resets the logging record timestamp format to the default format.

To minimize the performance impact of publishing subscribe and unsubscribe event messages, timestamps are not included in the message text for these event types.

This command only changes the local logging format. It doesn't affect logs that are forwarded to external syslog servers.