Last Restart Reason

The Last Restart Reason helps you identify the root cause of unexpected events. The event broker records all start-up and shutdown events, including the type of shutdown, and the reason for shutting down. For the appliance and software event broker, Last Restart Reason can be viewed using the show system Solace CLI command, and event information can be found in usr/sw/jail/logs.

Shown below is an example where the Last Restart Reason is User shutdown.

solace> show system detail

System Uptime: 0d 0h 24m 9s
Last Restart Reason: User shutdown

Available Resources:
          CPU cores: 2
          System Memory: 4.0 GiBytes
          Max Connections: 1000
Topic Routing:
          Subscription Exceptions: Enabled
          Subscription Exceptions Defer: Enabled