Gathering Diagnostics from Machine Images

A complete set of Solace PubSub+software event broker diagnostic files and debug logs are sometimes required for Solace Support to determine the root cause of an operational problem. You can use the solacectl utility to gather a set of diagnostics as a tarball that can be used for debugging and diagnostics purposes.

To gather diagnostics for a software event broker machine or cloud image, enter the following command from the Linux Host shell as root:

[sysadmin@vmr-132-1 ~]$ sudo solacectl gather-diagnostics [-f <filename>] [-d <days>]


-f <filename> outputs a single compressed file of diagnostics data. A default file name will be used if one is not specified.

-d <days> specifies the number of days of history to capture. If no value is specified, a value of one day is used.