Packaging of the Software Event Broker

The Solace PubSub+ Software Event Broker is made available in a number of packages suitable for deployment in various application environments.

Structure of Software Event Broker Images

The following figure illustrates the high-level structure of the software event broker container images when they are running on their hosts.

Container Images

The container image includes the PubSub+ messaging software and all user space dependencies in a package suitable for use in industry standard container runtimes.

The container image is delivered as a compressed tarball that is compliant to the Docker Image Manifest version 2, schema 2.

Package Type Extension
Compressed Container Image Container .tar.gz

The container image is recommended in all container runtimes that support the Docker Image Manifest version 2, schema 2 format. Only runtimes currently supported by their maintainers are supported by Solace. Solace recommends the following versions for runtimes:

  • All stable versions of Docker Engine CE/EE 20.10.0 and later, and Docker Desktop 4.0 and later that run on hosts with operating systems in active support and also have security update support.
  • Podman 3.4.2 and later.
  • CRI-O 1.19 and later.

The PubSub+ container is a multi-architechture container that supports x86-64 and ARM architectures.