Solace PubSub+ Appliance

The purpose of this section is to show you how to get a Solace PubSub+ appliance operational and ready for messaging after it has been installed and powered up using the instructions in Installation. The following tasks guide you through the set up of the minimum configuration necessary to get clients connected and exchanging messages,

When finished, you can then remotely log on to the appliance through a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to the management interface, as well as ping the message backbone interface.

It should be noted that the information provided in this section only covers the deployment of a single appliance and does not take high-availability (HA) redundancy into consideration.

For information on conventions used in Solace's customer documentation, refer to Documentation Conventions.


You must have two IP addresses available for use with a Solace PubSub+ appliance:

  • one for the Management VRF to enable out-of-band management and monitoring of the message broker
  • one for the Message Backbone VRF to enable applications to establish client connections to the message broker for sending and receiving data