Mission Control Overview

Mission Control makes it easy to deploy event brokers, create event meshes, and optimize and monitor the health/performance of an event-driven system. Mission Control is a section in the Cloud Console that permits you access event brokers, visualize and manage your event broker services, and visualize and design event meshes. Mission Control has a Cluster Manager and Mesh Manager that permits you to create event broker services and manage your event mesh.

Cluster Manager

In Mission Control, event broker services are made available via Cluster Manager. Each event broker services consists of event brokers configured in a High-Availability (HA) setup. For more information, see High Availability in PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud.

Each event broker service also has Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) enabled by default. For details, see Dynamic Message Routing in PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud.

With Cluster Manager, you can create and configure event broker services. For more information, see Cluster Manager.

Mesh Manager

In Mission Control, you can use Mesh Manager to visualize how to connect your event broker services into an event mesh. To learn more, see Mesh Manager.