Solace PubSub+ Software Message Broker

The Solace PubSub+ software message broker efficiently transfers event-driven information between applications, IoT devices and user interfaces running in cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. The software message broker lets you leave lock-in behind by using open APIs and protocols like AMQP, JMS, MQTT, REST and WebSocket. It's available for installation into a variety of clouds, all regions of AWS, PaaS and on-premise environments.

The pages in this section show you how to set up and run Solace PubSub+ software message brokers in a range of common cloud services and hypervisors, and also provide instructions on how to configure those message brokers for a variety of uses.

Solace offers the following types of software message brokers:

  • PubSub+ Standard: Free, full-featured, and production deployable.
  • PubSub+ Enterprise: High-performance, full scale, and enterprise-ready; available through a paid operating license.
  • PubSub+ Enterprise Evaluation Edition: A time-limited, evaluation version of PubSub+ Enterprise.

Compare Solace PubSub+ Software Message Brokers


Features PubSub+ Standard PubSub+ Enterprise
High-availablity (HA) Yes Yes
Data Center Replication (DR) Yes Yes
Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) Yes Yes
Microgateways Yes Yes
Upgradable Yes Yes
Direct and Guaranteed Performance Combined 10, 000 message/sec ingress rate limit Unthrottled
Scale up to 1,000 client connections up to 200,000 client connections