PubSub+ Broker Manager

Broker Manager is a browser-based administration console packaged with PubSub+ software event brokers and appliances. It's a next generation user interface for configuring, viewing, and troubleshooting your event brokers.

In PubSub+ Cloud, Broker Manager lets you tune advanced settings and perform administrative tasks that are not possible from the PubSub+ Cloud Console.

Accessing Broker Manager

To use Broker Manager with PubSub+ Cloud, see Using PubSub+ Broker Manager. To use Broker Manager for appliances or software event brokers, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a browser and enter one of the following URLs (the ports listed are the defaults; your settings may differ):

    • To connect using HTTP, enter: http://<host>:8080 (port 80 for an appliance).

    • To connect using HTTPS, enter: https://<host>:1943 (port 443 for an appliance).

    Where <host> is the IP address or hostname of your event broker.

  2. Log in as a CLI user with an admin global access level.

If both HTTP and HTTPS ports are configured and operationally Up, the event broker redirects all HTTP requests to the secure HTTPS port. To learn how you can enable or disable this feature, refer to Configuring HTTP-to-HTTPS Redirect for Broker Manager.

Broker Manager does not support the use of multi-byte UTF-8 sequences as part of the username or password during login. If you attempt to use a multi-byte UTF-8 sequence as part of a username or password, the login will fail as if the username or password were incorrect.

Accessing Broker Manager Using OAuth

You can configure OAuth to enable users to log in to Broker Manager for appliances and software event brokers using an OAuth provider.

For PubSub+ Cloud, you can instead configure single sign-on (SSO) for event broker services if you have SSO enabled for PubSub+ Cloud.

When OAuth is configured and enabled, an additional button displays on the login screen. You can have multiple login buttons depending on how many providers you have configured. Clicking the button will redirect the user to the OAuth provider's login page. If the user is already logged with the provider, they will be immediately redirected back to Broker Manager. If the users have multiple accounts with the OAuth provider and wish to switch accounts, they can log out and then log back in.

To learn how to enable OAuth authentication for Broker Manager, see Configuring OAuth Authentication.

Sending and Receiving Test Messages

Broker Manager includes an integrated publisher and subscriber that you can use to test your event broker operation and configuration by sending and receiving test messages.

You can also test a PubSub+ Cloud event broker service from the service page. For more information see, Trying Out Your Event Broker Service.

To send and receive a test message from your event broker, perform these steps:

  1. For appliance and software event brokers, on the Message VPN page, select a Message VPN.

    PubSub+ Cloud event broker services have only one Message VPN.

  2. On the navigation bar, click Try Me!.
  3. Click Connect to connect the Publisher to your event broker.

    The connection will fail for appliances that have client-certificate authentication enabled. This behavior is intentional for security reasons.

  4. Click Connect to connect the Subscriber to your event broker.
  5. In the Publisher panel, use the topic builder or enter a topic in the Publish to topic field to create the topic you want to publish to.
  6. In the Subscriber panel click one of the topic Suggestions, or enter your own in the Topic Subscriber field, and then click Subscribe to subscribe to the topic.
  7. In the Publisher panel, click Publish to publish a message to the topic. The message you published is displayed under Messages in the Subscriber panel.