External Disk Storage Array Requirements

To support Guaranteed Messaging, a Solace PubSub+ 3560 must have an ADB and an associated HBA installed.

External disk storage array requirements for an appliance that uses an ADB and HBA are:

  • RAID 1+0, four disks minimum
  • Up to 15 tebibyte (TiB) Logical Unit Number (LUN)
  • Fibre channel connectivity
  • Access allowed to HBA ports. When using event broker redundancy, provide access to the ports of both HBAs on the redundant event broker pair
  • One WWN to access the LUN on the Storage Area Network (SAN)

    Solace can access a Single LUN at a time to connect to Storage Area Network (SAN).

Contact Solace for information on the use of disk storage array models or products with the ADB and HBA.

Configuration and provisioning of the external disk storage array itself is beyond the scope of this document because it depends on the disk manufacturer chosen for use. Therefore, proper configuration of an external disk storage array is the responsibility of the customer and not described herein. If required, contact Solace for assistance.

For information on how to configure the partitions and file system on an appliance once there is access to the LUN on the external disk storage array, refer to Configuring an External Disk Array for Guaranteed Messaging.