Appliance Models

PubSub+ Event Broker is available as a turnkey rack-mounted appliance that offers unparalleled performance and low TCO.

PubSub+ appliances:

  • are purpose-built with high-speed FPGAs and network processors that eliminate the need for an OS and support massive throughput and extremely low, predictable latency.
  • offer built-in redundancy with discrete data and control planes, field-serviceable power supplies and internal solid-state disks.
  • can continuously replicate all messages to standby sites, complete with their states, queues, and configuration for very fast failover with no message loss.

The PubSub+ appliance is available in two models:

This documentation also includes instructions for installing, configuring, and maintaining the 3230 and 3260 appliance models.

To get started with your PubSub+ appliance, see Appliance Walkthrough Videos and Setting up the PubSub+ Appliance.