KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard in Event Portal displays key performance indicators (KPI) related to your event-driven architecture (EDA) to help you track the performance and efficiency of your EDA.

The first metric that the KPI Dashboard provides is event reuse. Event Portal analyzes all events created in Designer and imported using Runtime Event Manager to determine how frequently events are reused in your EDA. Reusing events rather than using two, or more, different events to send the same data from publishers to subscribers improves the efficiency and cost benefit of your EDA.

Understanding the Event Reuse Index

An event is considered used whenever it is subscribed to by an application in Designer. The Event Reuse Index is a calculation of the number of application subscriptions to the most recent version of any event in Designer, divided by the total number of events in Designer. The index is calculated separately for events that are shared, which applications in other application domains can subscribe to, and for non-shared events that applications outside of the application domain can't subscribe to.

For example, if the most recent version of every event in Designer is subscribed to by one application, the Event Reuse Index is 1.0. If you have ten events in Designer and five have two subscribed applications and the other five have only one subscribed application, the Event Reuse Index is 1.5.

Using KPI Dashboard

When you open the KPI Dashboard, it displays Event Reuse Indexes for both Solace and Kafka events in Designer, along with lists of the 20 most and least used events. You can filter the index and event lists by application domain to compare the reuse index between application domains or development teams.

To open KPI Dashboard, perform these steps:

  1. Log in to the PubSub+ Cloud Console if you have not done so yet. The URL to access the Cloud Console differs based on your authentication scheme. For more information, see Logging into the PubSub+ Cloud Console.
  2. On the navigation bar, select KPI .
  3. To view the Event Reuse Index and reused event lists for a specific application domain, select the application domain in the Display list. You can also filter the list of events by event broker type, and whether the events are shared.
  4. To see more information about an event, click the name of the event. You can click Open in Designer to open the event from the Details page.