Forward PubSub+ Insights Data to Your Own Datadog Account

Forwarding PubSub+ Insights Data to your own Datadog account is a Controlled-Availability (CA) feature. Contact Solace to see if this feature is suitable for your use case and deployment requirements.

If you have a PubSub+ Insights subscription, and your own Datadog account, Solace can forward the data we collect while monitoring the health of the event broker services in your estate to your Datadog account. This feature is offered as controlled availability.

If you already have a Datadog account, forwarding PubSub+ Insights data Solace collects benefits you by centralizing alongside any other data you collect from your in infrastructure or systems using Datadog. Having your data in one central account allows your application teams to make sense of it using tools in an environment they are already familiar with.

To enable forwarding of PubSub+ Insights data, you must have a Insights subscription, your own Datadog account or sub-organization, and you must provide Solace with:

  • an API key for the target Datadog account or sub-organization you want the data sent to.

  • the URL for the Datadog account, or sub-organization.

  • the target user must have a Standard role in the Datadog account (that is a role with the ability to push data).

To learn more about this controlled availability feature, contact Solace.