Deleting an Event Broker Service

You can delete an event broker service provided that it hasn't been protected from deletion. For more information about deletion protection, see Using Deletion Protection. To be able to delete an event broker service, your user account must be assigned the Cluster Manager Editor role. When you delete an event broker service, this is what occurs:

  • Clients can no longer access the services and may stop working as expected. This action is also irreversible.
  • If the event broker service is part of an event mesh, links from other event broker services in the event mesh are removed from the event broker service when you delete it. Event broker services that are part of an event mesh have the event mesh symbol on the card , when you view the service in Cluster Manager as shown in the following illustration:

    The event broker services in the event mesh remains healthy and links between them remain running. To validate the event mesh health, you can run a Health Check on the event mesh. For more information about running a Health Check, see Running Event Mesh Health Checks.

    Whenever you delete a service, you are prompted to confirm your request because it impacts applications connected to your event broker service and event mesh itself (if the event broker service is part of one).

    If the event broker service that you delete is the second last event broker service in the event mesh, the event mesh is also deleted. For more information about deleting an event mesh using Cluster Manager, see Deleting an Event Mesh from Cluster Manager.

To delete an event broker service:

  1. Log in to the PubSub+ Cloud Console if you have not done so yet.

  2. Select Cluster Manager from the navigation bar.
  3. On the Service page, find the card that matches your service and click Actions and select Delete Service.
  4. Review the dialog regarding the information and confirm that you want to delete the event broker service.

After these steps, your event broker service is deleted and you no longer see the card on the Services page.