Increasing Your Capacity or Number of Event Broker Services

The number of event broker services you can create depends on the service limits set by your organization. To change these limits, you can send us a request through the PubSub+ Cloud Console.

Requesting a Service Limit Increase from PubSub+ Cloud Console

  1. Log in to the PubSub+ Cloud Console if you have not done so yet. The URL to access the Cloud Console differs based on your authentication scheme. For more information, see Logging into the PubSub+ Cloud Console.

  2. Click User & Account  and select Account Details.
  3. On the Account Details page, select the Service Limits tab.
  4. On the Service Limits tab, locate your limit type and click Request Limit Change.

    Manage Service Limit

  5. Specify the number of services you require and add any additional information in the Details of the request field.

    Request Limit Change

  6. Click Send Request.

We will contact you after receiving your request.