Choosing Service Classes and Cloud Providers for Event Broker Services

When you create an event broker service, you select a service class, a cloud provider, and a cloud region.

Service Classes

Each service class has upper limits on the connections, queues, storage, number of clients that can connect at the same time, and so on. The upper limits for each event broker service depend on the service class that you choose. To determine the most appropriate service class, you need to have a good understanding of your client application requirements and behavior. Some factors to consider include:

  • What are the maximum number of client applications that simultaneously connect to the event broker service?
  • What is the maximum throughput of all combined client applications? Throughput includes the size of the messages and the number of messages exchanged between client applications in a specific time frame.
  • What type of traffic is exchanged between the client applications; is it direct or guaranteed messages?
  • If you are using guaranteed messaging, how many queues are required?

For example, if you determine that the maximum number of connections is the most important requirement for your client applications, you may want to choose the service class based on the upper limit of simultaneous client application connections. For more information about the service class limits, see Service Class Options for Event Broker Services.

Another consideration when you choose the service class is possible future growth. If your requirements increase and evolve, you can upscale your event broker services to the next service class when required. For more information, see Upscaling Event Broker Services.

Cloud Providers and Regions

The cloud provider you choose is based on your organization's requirements and is often tied to the connectivity of your client applications to the event broker services. Some connectivity requirements use a public cloud provider while others require a private cloud. For more information, see Choosing the Right Cloud Provider.

In addition to the cloud provider, you also have to choose the cloud region for an event broker service from the options available for the provider. Factors to consider when choosing the cloud region include:

  • Is the region physically close to the location where your microservices or client applications are running? For best performance, you should consider the latency from your microservices or client applications to different clouds and regions

  • If you are concerned about data residency due to data sovereignty laws, select regions that match your data residency needs. You may have specific data-residency requirements for your customer data that may dictate which region you should choose.

For more information, see Choosing the Right Cloud Region.