Topic Endpoints

A topic endpoint attracts messages published to a topic for which the topic endpoint has a matching topic subscription. The topic subscription for the topic endpoint is specified in the client request to bind a Flow to that topic endpoint.

Topic endpoints offer fewer options than queues and can subscribe to only one topic but they are helpful for some use cases.

Topic endpoints can be used in a pub/sub model. They are equivalent to durable topic subscriptions in Java Message Service (JMS).

A durable topic endpoint has an access type, which determines how messages are delivered when multiple consumer flows are bound to it. Topic endpoints can be assigned one of the following access types:

  • Exclusive—specifies that only one client can bind to and be serviced by the topic endpoint; if other consumers attempt to bind, they will be rejected.
  • Non-exclusive—specifies that all bound flows are able to receive messages, and when multiple flows are bound to a non-exclusive topic endpoint, they receive messages in a round-robin fashion.

For more information, see Configuring Topic Endpoints.